Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quiksilver x The Standard in Travel + Leisure

Check out the Quiksilver x Standard vending machine in Travel + Leisure Magazine! Packed it all but forgot your suit? Not to worry The Standard Hotels have you covered with their swimsuit dispensers located at their New York, Los Angeles, and Miami properities. All despensers carry Quiksilver boardies and Quiksilver Women standard bikinis.

Quiksilver in Men's Journal

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quiksilver's Shirt Dress Is Cool Now, Cooler Later

Check out Quiksilver Women's Lost and Found dress on Fabsugar.com here!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

California: More girls for Quiksilver

Check out the California Apparel News update about Quiksilver's new juniors line! Sandwiched between the Quiksilver Women's contemporary line and the Roxy juniors line, Quiksilver Girls, the newest line from the Huntington Beach-based surf giant, is hoping to target 12- to 24- year olds shopping in surf specialty shops. To read more about Quiksilver's new juniors line in California Apparel News look below!

Quiksilver Women on Lookbook.nu

Check out Quiksilver Women key pieces from Fall 2010 on Lookbook.nu here! The look includes the Fool For Love shirt worn over the The Countdown tank dress. To check out the full look click here!


Quiksilver Women's Spring 2011 "CBD" dress was featured in WWD's Project Newsletter!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Surf leaders on Junior's market

Quiksilver Americas President, Craig Stevenson, chats about the new Quiksilver Juniors line at the ASR press conference. Stevenson believes that girls are ready for brand name fashion again and the juniors line is sure to give them the quality and style they want. To read more about the press conference click here!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Check out Quiksilver Women in the August issue of Seventeen!

Check out Quiksilver Women's fall  High Tide  jeans in this months issue of Seventeen magazine!

Check out Quiksilver Women in the August issue of Lucky!

Check out the Quiksilver Women's fall Ragged vest in the August issue of Lucky!

Check out the Quiksilver Women's Standard bikini in WWD!!

Check out WWD's coverage of the Quiksilver Women's bikini designed specially for The Standard hotels.

Quiksilver Women Bombshell Dress

Check out the Quiksilver Women's Bombshell Dress from the fall 2010 collection here!

Quiksilver Women on New York Magazine's online shopping site

Check out the fall BPM shirt by Quiksilver Women on New York Magazine's Shop-A-Matic here!

Travis Rice tears it up in Transworld!

Check out Travis Rice and why alternative chamber boards rock!

Quiksilver gear featured in Transworld's 2011 Special Gear Guide Issue

Check out Travis Rice's awesome snowboard jacket that is made from superior waterproof fabrics. And don't forget Travis' Trigger Mits!

Quiksilver luggage featured in UFC Magazine!

Catch a preview of the Reese Forbes Collection at the Action Sports Retailer

Quiksilver skater Reese Forbes shows off his promising line-up of sneakers for Spring 2011. Check it out here!

Julian Wilson gives Teen Vogue the dish on dating, his new movie, and traveling!

                                            Check out the interview here at Teen Vogue!

Miley's boyfriend Laim caught at Scratching the Surface premier!

Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus' boyfriend, had no problem finding some cuties at the premier of Julian Wilsons' new movie Scratching the Surface. Check out the article here!

Class at ASR and Quiksilver Juniors!

The new Quiksilver Juniors line had people buzzing at Class at ASR. To read more about the event that took place in San Diego August 13-15th click here!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beyond Roxy: Quiksilver Does New Line

Huntington Beach-based Quiksilver Inc. is targeting young women with a line of juniors clothes and accessories. The line said to be classic coastal and romantic in look and feel is set to hit stores in early 2011. To read more about Quiksilver Juniors in the OC business journal click here!

First Look: Quiksilver's New Juniors Line

Teen Vogue talks fashion about Quiksilver's new junior line! To check out the full article click here! Quiksilver has long been a staple brand for surfers, skaters, and snowboarders alike and now with the launch of their new juniors line will start the focus on the younger girls generation under the Quiksilver name. To read the full article click here !

Monday, August 16, 2010

Spotted again: Matt Damon in Quiksilver boardshorts!

Both Star Magazine and People Magazine caught Matt Damon wearing Quiksilver boardies while on a family vacation in Hawaii! Check it out!

ABCs Bachelors love Quiksilver boardshorts!

Check out some of the hottest Bachelors as they rock Quiksilver boardies in the new ABC show Bachelor Pad. Here is article and photo featured in Star Magazine!

Quiksilver featured on CW News!

CW goes live at the Action Sports Retailer Expo and takes a peak at some new Quiksilver products- the Cypher wetsuit  and the Diamond Dobby boardshort. Check out the video here!

Surf and City come together at Saturdays Surf NYC!

A few weeks ago Saturdays hosted the launch of the Quiksilver x National Forest Collection, a collaboration titled Moon Rocks and Other Cosmic Things. Check out the coverage at here!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quiksilver's new Juniors line on Shop Eat Surf!

Check out the launch of Quiksilver's new Junior's Line on Shop Eat Surf  here! The new line which is scheduled to hit stores in Spring 2011 is designed for the College girl with a coastal vibe. To read more about the Agenda interview with Kenna Florie, Vp of Sales and Marketing for Quiksilver Girl's and Women's on the Surf Eat Shop website click here!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All the Rage about Scratching the Surface

Over the weekend the LA Times Blog included Quiksilver's free screening of Julian Wilson's "Scratching the Surface" in their "All the Rage" events section... check it out!

The "OC Now" also had a write up of our event...see it HERE

LIFE captured Travis Rice in Wanaka, New Zealand during the Extreme Day of the World Heli Challenge!

Check out the picture here!

Kelly Slater's Major League Baseball Debut!

After his round of 96 heat victory at the US Open, Kelly Slater stepped out in front of 35,00 fans at Dodger Stadium to throw out the first pitch.  Slater said, "I was way more nervous about that pitch than I was my heat that day, for sure." Check out more of his interview here!

Todcast the Movie!!

Click HERE to watch the first webisode of "Todcast the Movie!" The full movie will be coming to the internet this fall, and in the meantime Grindtv will be posting more webisodes so stay tuned!

Jamie Mitchell's interview with National Geographic Adventure!

After capturing his ninth consecutive win in the Molokai to Oahu paddle board race, Jamie Mitchell talked to National Geographic about his training, technique and passion for all water sports.  Check out the full interview here!

U.S. Open Photos - Day 6

Check out Fuel TV's coverage of the U.S. Open featuring a shot of Dane Reynolds getting some air!  Dane earned a near-perfect 9.87 out of 10 just for that single maneuver and was the highest single-wave score for that day!
To watch a video of the highlights click HERE

Julian Wilson Talks Girls, Sharks and his HD Surf Flick, Scratching the Surface with PAPERMAG!

Check out Julian's full interview here!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Quiksilver interviews Julian Wilson at Jacks Surfboards

Check out what Julian Wilson has to say about the making of his new movie Scratching the Surface, and what he plans on doing next!

Justin Brock on ABC News

ABC news reporters hit Huntington Beach this weekend to check out the U.S. Open of Surfing and catch up with QS skater Justin Brock...

Brock skated in the "bowl contest" on Saturday at the Open, check out the video here!

Quiksilver X Standard Hotel X Miami Beach

To celebrate the launch of our limited edition boardies, bikinis and sunglasses, Quiksilver and The Standard Hotel hosted a ‘Lazy Sunday’ pool party in Miami

Check out the coverage on this blog below...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tony Hawk Skate Jam!

Check out Tony Hawk's Skate Jam on Saturday July 24th during Downtown Disney's "Action Sports Weekend."  Click here to see the video!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Check out the new Travis Rice Collection of snow gear!

Empire Ave gives viwers a preview of the new Travis Rice Collection, with art influences from Benji Pearson. The collection is expected to hit stores this year. Check out some of his sweet snowboard jackets here!

"When in doubt, do what Dane does!"

Dane Reynolds is a huge fan of the short, fat surfboards that don't go past his chin. Read why these boards are so awesome and why you should convert your long into a short! Click here !

Corduroy Magazine on upcoming surf film "Scratching the Surface"

Corduroy calls the latest Quiksilver project, a film documenting the adventures of professional surfers including Julian Wilson and Dane Reynolds, "one that both makes sense for the iconic surf brand, while also bringing something new to the table."

The HD film will be coming to theatres this September. Check out the full article and trailer here!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clay Marzo - Funnel Love

July 30, 2010
Surfing magazine just posted a pretty rad clip of Clay Marzo surfing one of his favorite secret spots...check it HERE!

Check out Rusty Long in this season's edition of The Surfer's Journal!