Friday, November 30, 2012

Quiksilver Featured on M Loves M!

Quiksilver was featured on M Loves M! The Quiksilver Women's "Sheer Tunnels Blouse" was featured on Mara Ferreira's M Loves M's November blog. She has 2,231 Facebook fans, 2,835 Bloglovin' followers, and 2,391 Twitter followers. Click on the pictures below to read more!

The Eddie Opening Ceremony At Waimea

Transworld Surf featured an awesome article about The Eddie Aikau Opening Ceremony. The article talks about the past winners, the Quiksilver brand, and Eddie himself. Click the picture below to link to the full article.

Surfing Magazine's Kelly Slater Interview Outtakes

Surfing Magazine's outtakes from their Kelly interview that they published in their January issue is creating a huge buzz! The outtakes have gotten over 1,000 Facebook shares. Check out the articles below.

Quiksilver Opens Mountain Concept Stores in Park City and Vail

Transworld Business and Snowboarder Mag featured stories about the new Quik Mountain Stores in Park City and Vail. Click on the pics below to link to the full stories!

GrindTV Features Dane's Epic Turn

Dane's turn at the Reef Hawaiian Pro is all over the web! This week, featured his "seemingly impossible turn." Check out the full article below!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vail and Park City Store Openings On

Quiksilver mountain concept stores targets snow market in Vail and Park City. Click on the link below to get all the details. 

Mountain Concept Stores Opening Featured in the Online Snowboard Magazine Publication

The opening of the new Quiksilver stores continue to gain media coverage. The mountain concept stores provides a cabin atmosphere that allows the brand to "showcase a much wider selection of [their] technical snow products, introduce [their] new technical apparel product line, and keep Quiksilver true to its roots in snow." Click on the link below to access the full article. 

Mountain Concept Stores in Snow News

The opening of two new Quiksilver Mountain Concepts Stores appears in GrindTV's Snow News section. GrindTV's site contains a high volume of viewers, which will inform them of the new store launch. 

QSW Dress On

Quiksilver Women's Morningside Native maxi dress is chosen as a must-have holiday dress in's recent feature. Check out this affordable and stylish dress by clicking on the link below. 

Stephanie Gilmore Featured in ESPN

The five time ASP world champion, Stephanie Gilmore, discusses her success and struggles in this ESPN feature. Click on the link below to find out how she overcame hardships in order to achieve her personal and career goals. 

Opening of Quiksilver Stores in Two Locations

Quiksilver's new Mountain Concept Stores, located in Park City and Vail of North America, are featured in both Transworld Business and Snowboarder. The stores reflect the brand's already established roots and "devotion to their active audience." Click on the pictures below to access the full stories.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big Black Friday Sales at Quik

A picture of the massive crowds at the South Coast Plaza store was published in Apparel News' Black Friday article. Click the picture below to link to the full story!

Travis Rice Featured on National Geographic!

Travis Rice was featured on National Geographic's website for the "Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2013." The article features twenty "Adventurers of the Year" who shared both their dream trip and must-do trip. Travis Rice shared his dream trip was to snowboard Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, and his must-do trip is to snowboard at Baldface Lodge in British Colombia. To read more, click on the pictures below! 

Quiksilver on Britt & Whit!

Quiksilver was featured on style bloggers Britt & Whit! The Quiksilver Women's sweater was featured on their blog "Navy & Orange." Britt & Whit have 1,480 Facebook fans, 3,445 Twitter followers, 551 Bloglovin' followers, and 940 Google Friend followers. They have been featured in Refinery29, Independent Fashion Bloggers, and Lucky Magazine as well. Click on the picture below to read more! 

Quiksilver on

Quiksilver blanket sweater was featured last week on Sara Zucker is a renowned fashion and lifestyle blogger with more than 60,000 followers! Click the pic below to link to the full feature!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Surfline Covers a Day in the Life of Mark Healey!

Surfline posted a photo blog covering the standard day of surfer Mark Healey! The blog starts early in the morning with him surfing Pipeline. It continues with him through out lunch, errands, and even hog hunting! Click on the photo below to check out the full story.

The Eddie on Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly featured an awesome article about the big waves that are expected on Oahu's North Shore just in time for The Eddie. Click the image below to link to the full article.

Quiksilver Women's is Great For Hiding Your Thanksgiving Day Food Baby featured an outfit and article on the best way to hide those extra pounds you packed on over the weekend. Turns out, Quiksilver Women's Wayward Button Up does the trick! Check out the article below. 

Quiksilver Corduroy on Who What Wear

Who What Wear sure does love Quiksilver Women's! Check out their newest article featuring the Quiksilver Trucker Jacket!

Dane's Turn Heard Around the World

Dane Reynold's rad run at the Reef Hawaiian Pro is all the website's are talking about! Most recently, Stab Magazine featured an online article with pics, videos, and rave reviews about Dane's heat. Click the pic below to link to the full article.

Dane's Heat on The Inertia

The Inertia featured an article, pics, and video on Dane Reynolds' killer heat at the Reef Hawaiian Pro. Click the picture to link to the full feature!

Sequence of the Week- Craig Anderson

Surfline's Sequence of the Week is our very own, Craig Anderson. The goofyfoot aussie rips through a South Australia wave. Click the pic below to check out the entire sequence.

Bryan Fox Video on Method Mag

Check out this awesome video that Method Mag featured on their website staring Quiksilver's Bryan Fox! Click the image below to link to the full feature.

Reef Hawaiian Pro- Day 2

Dane and Freddy P. conquer Day 2 of The Reef Hawaiian Pro! Click any of the pics below to link to the full feature on

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quik on

Kristen Glam, who contributes to Teen Vogue's channels as one of the top fashion bloggers to their online community, featured the Quiksilver Holiday Style Guide and wore Quiksilver on her blog and it was published on Teen Vogue's online community. Click the pic below to see the post!


Quiksilver on

Kristen Lam of Kristen Glam shared a style collage featuring Quiksilver's Holiday Style Guide initiative and it was published on Lucky Magazine's online community. Click the pic below to check it out!

Quiksilver in Outside Magazine

Kelly Slater was featured in Outside Magazine in a clip about "the matchup everyone wants to see" regarding Slater vs. John John at the Pipe Masters. Quik's chambray-and-cotton Ellis Harbor jacket was also featured in their holiday gift guide. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Quiksilver on Who What Wear

The leading online fashion destination again gave mention to the QSW Sleeveless Sable Blouse! Click the pictures below to link to the full story!

Quiksilver Well Represented at Pipe on Surfline!

Check out the Quiksilver team in this feature on Surfline. Koa, Reef, Balaram, and Healey are all pictured killing it at Pipline. Click the picture below to check out the full feature!

Quiksilver Women's in Foam Magazine!

Check out Quiksilver Women's Ad Campaign in Foam Magazine Featuring the Gypsy Tour Dress and our new style ambassadors Stephanie Gilmore!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Quiksilver on!

Quiksilver's upcoming changes were featured on! Check out the article below or click here to visit WWD if you're a member.