Monday, April 30, 2012

Quiksilver for J.Crew on Shop-Eat-Surf

Check out the great article written about Quiksilver's collaboration with J.Crew on Shop-Eat-Surf online. The collaboration was inspired by Quilsilver archives! Click here to read the full article!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fox Business Interviewed Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight this Week!

Fox Business caught up with Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight this week and talked about aiming to double profits in the next five years! Check out the whole interview here!

Quiksilver Womens Dress Makes Huge Appearance on NBC's Grimm!

NBC's popular hit television show Grimm featured QSW's Vintage Dress! Check it out below!

Entrepreneur Talks to Tony Hawk on Building a Brand Around You!

Entrepreneur's Teri Evans talked to Tony Hawk about the challenges he went through building his skateboarding company! Watch the whole story here!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surfers's Path Magazine Features Rusty Long in Scotland!!!

Surfer's Path featured an article by Rusty Long about his surf experiences in Scotland's Northern Rim. Check out the article below!!!

Dane Reynolds Schools Us in Transworld Surf!

Dane Reynolds breaks down the Backside Fin Waft! To see how the master does this click here!

Tony Hawk's Freestyle Footage featured on HYPEBEAST!

Tony Hawk's never before seen freestyle footage from 1983 previewed on special edition of VHS Vault!
To view the full video and blog post click here!

Quiksilver Women's Dress Featured on Refinery 29!!!

The website Refinery 29 featured a "style syllabus" of dresses that are perfect for graduation and summer. One of the featured dresses was the Quiksilver Palms Stripe Dress!! Check out the images and link below!  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kelly Slater is Faking Waves in Outside Magazine!

Kelly Slater and an Australian engineer are battling one another to create the world's first shreddable artificial break.  Check out the full article from Outside Magazine below!

Zac Efron wearing his KS10 hat on Punk'd!

Zac Efron, casually sporting his KS10 hat, was recently a victim of Punk'd! Check out Zac in his KS10 hat here or in the video below!

Premiere of Jamie Mitchell's "Decade of Dominance" Newport Beach Film Festival

Jamie Mitchell's "Decade Of Dominance" is set to premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival this week. Transworld Business got the scoop and the has the invitation!

Check out Transworld Business's info about the film here!

Have a look at the invitation from StandUpJournal and the trailer for "Decade of Dominance" here

Spring Shopping Guide For Surfers features Quiksilver items!!

The guide is featured in Huffington Post, SF Gate, BNQT, Encinitas Patch and SF Surf Co. It includes the Cypher Kelly Nomad boardshort, Cypher Reynolds Revolt boardshort, 1969 Special Heritage Backpack and Laid Out beach towel!
Click here to see the full Huffington Post Gear Guide!

Click here to view the SF Gate Gear Guide!
See the BNQT Gear Guide here!
Click here to check out the Gear Guide on San Francisco Surf Company!

Check out the Gear Guide on Encinitas Patch here!

Quik Teams Up With JCrew!!

Check out the new Quiksilver for J.Crew boardies featured on Acquire, Empire AveTransworld Business and SwaggerSeek!!

Kelly in the New York Times!

Check out Kelly Slater featured in the Style section of the New York Times!! Click here to read the full article!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Michelle Trachtenberg in Quiksilver Tiki Tile Dress!

Michelle Trachtenberg was caught wearing the Quiksilver Tiki Tile Maxi dress while attending the Burton Snowboards Coachella Pool Party and BBQ at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs during the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday, April 14th! featured Michelle and the dress too! Check it out here!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

White Lines Posts Full Red Bull Supernatural TV Show!

White Lines posted the full length version of Travis Rice's Red Bull Supernatural TV Show on their site! Watch the epic riding here!

Snowboarder Mag Officially Launches Travis Rice's "Masters of Movement" on their Site!

Snowboarder Mag officially launched Travis Rice's latest "Masters of Movement" on their site--an exclusive Rice video that shows him taking on the Canadian Rockies to tackle the infamous backcountry arch known as the Hole in the Wall! Watch here!

Smithsonian Writes an Ode to Kelly Slater, Who Now Has a Place There wrote an ode to surfing legend Kelly Slater, whose board now has its own spot in the Smithsonian! Check out the whole story on Kelly here!

Skateboarding Magazine Has Tony Hawk Reveal the Secrets of Skateboarding in a Video!

Skateboarding Magazine reveals the secrets of skateboarding history through a video with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk! Watch the vid here on the site or below!

ESPN, Transworld Surf, BNQT, Surfline, and Surfer Are all Raving about Steph Gilmore's Huge Win at the Dow Agrosciences Pro!

Steph Gilmore's big win at the Dow Agrosciences Pro in New Zealand was covered by ESPN, Transworld Surf, BNQT, Surfline, and Surfer! Read ESPN's story here, Transworld Surf's here, BNQT's herehere for Surfline's, and here for Surfer's!

USA Today Talks Tony Hawk Capitalizing on Tweets for his Scavenger Hunt!

USA Today wrote about how Tony Hawk saw the potential in Twitter, and used it to create his global scavenger hunt for his three million followers! Read the whole story here! Posts a Video of Kelly Slater in Fiji! gave the world an inside look to Kelly Slater's surfing in Fiji with a cool video on their site! Watch here!

StabMag Talks Dane Reynolds at Rincon!

StabMag wrote about Dane Reynolds's experience at Rincon! Read more here!

Surfer's Village Reports on Peter Mel's Big Wave World Tour Win!

Surfer's Village posted an article about The Big Wave World Tour concluding its third successful season, and crowing Big Wave World Tour Champion, Peter Mel! Check it out here!

ESPN Writes About Tony Hawk's Global Scavenger Hunt!

ESPN wrote all about Tony Hawk's global, social-media based scavenger hunt! The Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt will take place April 15. Read more ESPN coverage here!

IB Times Talks About Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Release Date!

IB Times wrote about "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater," getting a fresh new reboot this summer with an HD rendition of the game! Read it all here!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alex Olson in Skateboard Mag!!

Skateboard Mag featured Alex Olson in their April issue. Check out the awesome photos below!!!