Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dane Reynolds in Surfer Mag!

Find out how Dane Reynold's surf board ended up in Brendon Thomas's, the editor of Surfer Magazine, garage! 

Kelly Slater featured in Surfer Mag!

Read about Kelly in the February 2013 issue of Surfer Magazine and see what he has to say about the acceptance of middle aged surfers in today's society. Check it out below!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travis Rice in Snowboarder Mag!

Travis Rice was featured in the "Message Boardin" section of this month's Snowboarder Magazine!

Check it out below!

Quiksilver gear featured in SBC Business mag!

Quiksilver's Rothschild Boots, the Hubble Travis Rice Pro Model snowboarding goggles and the Q1 snowboarding goggles were all featured in SBC Business mag as part of the gear guide! Check them out below!

Travis Rice in GQ!

Travis Rice was featured in GQ magazine talking about Revelstoke, British Columbia!
Check it out below!

Dylana Suarez Tweets about Quiksilver!

Dylana Suarez Tweets that she will be at our Malibu event this Saturday!
The 2/2/13 event will take place at the Malibu Quiksilver store, offering 25% off new women's spring apparel! To see her tweet, click here!

You're Invited to a Quiksilver Women's event!

A toast to Quiksilver Women and celebrating the Backyard Charm of gorgeous Malibu!
Click here for the invite!

Quiksilver Backyard Charm event invite posted on Foam!

Meet some of the fashion industry's most popular bloggers and enjoy a free makeover, cocktails, and 25% off Quiksilver Women's new spring apparel! Check out the invite here!

Quiksilver on M loves M!

A Quiksilver Women's dress was featured on M loves M in a "winter gardens" post!
To see more, chick here!

Quiksilver on Refinery29!

Quiksilver's 2/2/13 event was featured in's "Weekend Plans" section!
The Malibu Quiksilver store is offering 25% off  new spring apparel this Saturday!
To Check out the article, click here!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Eric Willett gets a Q&A with 5280!

Quiksilver's very own slopestyle specialist, Eric Willett, is looking to add some X Games hardware to his 2010 silver medal debut and 5280 got a little Q&A in with him. Check it out here!

StabMag shows off Kelly's wipeout!

Everyone else is featuring Kelly's drop at Pipeline. So StabMag decided to show off one of Kelly's not so hot waves. Take a look at one of Kelly's wipeouts at Pipe here!

TransWorld Snowboarding grills Bryan Fox!

This month's edition of Behind the Cover stars none other then Quiksilver's own Bryan Fox!  TransWorld Snowboarding grills Bryan on his first TWSnow Cover and on how they landed the shot seen on the cover. Check out the video here!

Skateboarder features Riley Hawk on The Tuesday 25!

Riley Hawk had the honor of being chosen for Skateboarder's Tuesday 25 recently.  Check it out here to see videos of Riley and learn a little bit more about him in this awesome feature!

Kelly Slater chosen for Surfline's Sequence of the Week!

Surfline recently chose Kelly Slater's epic ride at Pipeline as their sequence of the week. This particular wave has only been nominated as Surfline's Wave of the Winter. Check out Kelly's ride here!

Mavericks Champ Peter Mel gets some love!

Peter Mel has recently been featured in Orange County Register, TransWorld Surf and on ESPN!  Check out all the coverage of Peter Mel and his Maverick's championship below!

 Check out the ESPN article here!

Have a look at Peter Mel's interview with the Orange County Register here!

Take a peek at Pete's GoPro edit through TransWorld Surf here!

Quiksilver Women's celebrates in Malibu!

Quiksilver gets a little online traction for Saturday's event! Check it out here!

Quiksilver features in The Los Angeles Fashion!

The Los Angeles Fashion shared a calendar listing highlighting the festivities. Read about it here!

Quiksilver featured in Everyday with Rachel Ray!

Quiksilver was featured in the March issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray! The food and lifestyle focused publication featured the Evetide Tank in their fashion page! Click on the photo to take a look!

Athletes, Exposure, & Logo Wars!

Surfers, Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds make the top five on the exposure meter! As well as skateboarder, Austyn Gillette taking the #15 spot and snowboarder Travis Rice at #19. Also, Quiksilver steals the #2 spot at "logo wars" in the surfing world. Click on the photos to check it all out!

Bryan Fox and the AK!

Athlete, Bryan Fox features in Snowboarding Magazine talking about his life changing experience shredding the mountains of Alaska! Read about it here!

Quiksilver's Winter Technical Apparel line features on O.R.D.!

O.R.D. magazine gives the spill on Quiksilver's newest lineup of winter apparel. Read about it here!

Monday, January 28, 2013

TransWorld Snowboarding features Quiksilver Snow Gear!

Quiksilver debuted the new tech at Outdoor Retailer the past weekend, including Travis Rice's new pro line for Quiksilver. Check out the pictures of the new gear here!

Malibu Patch promoting Quiksilver Womens!!

Quiksilver Womens is celebrating the Bathers at the Malibu Lumber Yard and the Malibu Patch has all the details for the event here!

Quiksilver Womens denim jacket featured in Le Style Child!

Fashion blogger Rachel Schwartzmann features a Quiksilver Womens denim jacket in her latest blog post! Check out the images posted in her blog here!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Craig Anderson Gets Huge Spread in Surfer Mag!

Surfer Magazine featured Craig Anderson in their March issue. The feature explores Craig's style out on the waves, his adventurous lifestyle,  and his undying love for the sport. Check it all out below! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

#5Steph sticker on Fox's New Girl!!

The #5Steph sticker was in Fox's hit show "New Girl". The episode titled "A Father's Love" aired on January 15, 2013 and is the first in a set of 4 to show off the sticker. Stay tuned for more #5Steph appearances in the upcoming episodes! Watch the current episode here!

Quiksilver Skatepark in Orange County Register

Quiksilver HQ Private Park was mentioned in Orange County Register. Check out the full article here.

Quiksilver Womens getting some love on Twitter!

 Olivia Lopez and Tanya are super stoked to be surfing in Malibu with Quiksilver Women! View the full Twitter post here!

Quiksilver Women's on Twitter!

Dylana Suarez is on her way to Cali to learn to surf with Quiksilver Women  and let her Twitter followers know it. See the full post here!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pete Mel wins Mavericks Invitational!

Sweet recognition finally came to Peter Mel, who won the Mavericks Invitational this past weekend! Check out all the different stories of his victory below!

Check out the story of Peter Mel winning Mavericks on SF gate here!

 Check out the video of Peter Mel winning Mavericks on Outside here!

Have a look at Peter Mel's interview with Surfer here!


Click here to see pictures and videos of Pete Mel at the Mavericks Invitational!