Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hawaii Premeire of Scratching the Surface

Julian Wilson's new film, Scratching the Surface premiered in Hawaii this past weekend.  Although the real Julian Wilson could not make it, an imposter was found to take his place. 

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Scratching the Surface is now available for download on iTunes!

Echo Location- Quiksilver Newport Beach Championships

Check out this awesome article on ESPN! This past weekend, the Quiksilver Newport Beach Championships and Echo Beach Challenge came to Orange County brought with it 80 degree sunshine, bright neon wetsuits, the echo beach starlets, 2-3 foot waves, and transformed the area from 52nd- 56th street into the "hottest hundred yards."

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Photos From Day One of Quiksilver Pro France

Check out Transworld Surfs coverage from Day One of the Quiksilver Pro France.

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Jeremy Flores at the Quiksilver Pro France

Check out ESPN'S coverage on Jeremy Flores at Day One of the Quiksilver Pro France.

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Tough Round 1 and Quiksilver Pro France

"A tough day in the 'Creme Brulee'".  Round One of the Quiksilver Pro France was marked by gaping barrels and closeouts.

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Quiksilver Newport Beach Championships and Echo Beach Challenge

The Quiksilver Newport Beach Championships and Echo Beach Challenge came to Newport this weekend and transformed the area between 52nd and 56th street into Echo Beach, the birthplace of the 80s Southern California surf movement. Crazy neon patterns, Zinka war paint contests, twin fins, and the Echo Beach Girls were all highlights of the weekend.  The after party took place at Blue Beet in Newport with food, drinks, photo-ops in front of a retro boardshort polka dot print, and the 80s cover band, CoverMeBadd. 

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Transworld Business and Quiksilver junior

Quiksilver launched a namesake junior's line at the Agenda tradeshow in August that features 108 items target to female customers ranging from 12-24 years old. According to VP of Sales and Marketing Kenna Florie, the line is focused on classic, sustainable styles that will be sold exclusively through speciality channels in year one. The line is said to be much more subdued than what you'd expect from a brand like Roxy, and the line will be sold through specialty retail accounts, Quiksilver's own stores, as well as initially.

Fred Patacchia Tips

Surfer Magazine wants to help their readers become better surfers. Fred Patacchia helped out by offering some tips on how to properly do a backside cutback. We all know that he has definitely perfected this trick!

Wetsuit Buyers Guide

Surfers Magazine gave readers the inside scoop on the best rubbers on the planet. The Wetsuit Buyers Guide 2010 showcases some of Quiksilvers athletes such as Dane Reyonlds, Kelly Slater, and Julian Wilson sporting the greatest wetsuits around.

Wetsuit Timeline

Surfer takes us back through time as they tell the history of wetsuits. Interesting fact: Quiksilver introduced the first chest-zip system in the 1990s!

Scratching The Surface featured in Surfer Magazine

Julian Wilson's new movie "Scratching the Surface" is now out on DVD! Surfer shows Julian Wilson at his Big Issue Release Party in their October issue. Don't forget to pick up a copy of the film and check it out on Itunes soon.

Quiksilver Visor in OK! Weekly

Even Jason Trawick, Britney Spears current lover, rocks the Quiksilver logo. He sported a Quiksilver visor while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii. Check it out below!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quiksilver Newport Beach Championships

The Quiksilver Newport Beach Championship and Echo Beach Challenge made the cover of The Daily Pilot on Sept. 26, 2010. 
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New Quiksilver Juniors Line

Orange County Business Journal covers the new Quiksilver Juniors Line which is aimed at women ages 18-24.  The new line is designed to be a middle ground between Roxy and the company's Quiksilver Womens line for older women.  Susan Branch, head of Quiksilver's Merchandising and Design, describes the line as having a "classic, coastal feel and big focus on fabric and feel." About 500 independent surf and skateboarding shops are already set to debut the line.  Keep an eye out for the line which is set to hit stores in early 2011!

Lay Day Called for Quiksilver Pro France

Bad weather conditions prompted event organizers to call a lay day on Day 1 of the Quiksilver Pro France.  The Quiksilver Pro France is the seventh stop on the ASP World Tour and is the kick off to the European leg of the tour. 

Check out the article here and be sure to stay tuned for more Quiksilver Pro France coverage!

Julian Wilson a Star at the Quiksilver Pro

Julian Wilson defeated Bede Burbidge at the Quiksilver Pro France, just released his movie Scratching the Surface and now has set his sights on joining the ranks of the ASP elite 34 next year.

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Avoiding the Reef with Reef McIntosh

Check out the Ask the Expert article in the October 2010 issue of Transworld Surf.  Reef McIntosh gives readers some tips on how to avoid hitting the reef when getting chucked over the falls!

Quiksilver Pro France Preview

The ASP World Tour heads to France for the Quiksilver Pro.  Will Kelly Slater keep the number one spot?  Stay Tuned!

Check out the article and video in Transworld Surf here!

Todcast Tuesday: Metal Mulisha Shenanigans

Check out this video on GrindTV of Todd Richards at the Metal Mulisha with co-host, Dirty from MTV. 

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Quiksilver Europe Launches Custom Boardshorts Program

If you have ever dreamed of designing your own custom boardies, your chance is finally here!  Quiksilver Europe launched a program in which you can design your custom boardshorts right on the website. 

Check out the article in Transworld Business here!

Kelly Slater is New Leader in ASP Rankings

Slater is now the leader in ASP Rankings after his win at Trestles, and is on his way to claiming his tenth world title. 

Check out the article on Global Surf News here!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"What a Week" for Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater defeated Bede Durbidge for first place glory at the Hurley Pro.  Check out this article on of his win!

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Union Boardies Program a Hit

Check out this awesome article in Transworld Business with Quiksilver’s VP of Sales Dave Rosenberger on the Quiksilver Union Boardshort program.

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Slater Hangs With ESPN

Check out this feature of Kelly Slater on ESPN homepage after his Hurley Pro Win!

Kelly Slater Best Athlete EVER?

Well, he has been the dominant force in surfing for two decades, he holds the record for being the youngest, and oldest world champion.  And now, twenty years after his debut win, he is well on his way to snag his tenth world title.  Check out this artcle on GrindTV and see what you think!

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Kelly Slater Featured on Yahoo! and Yahoo! Sports Homepages!!!

The best athlete you've barely heard of? Not anymore the case for Kelly Slater after being featured on the Yahoo! and Yahoo! Sports homepages after his Hurley Pro win at Trestles! 

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Marine Layers Seen and Unseen: Meet the man Behind the Lens

Take a look at this interview with the man that taped the footage for Dane Reynolds new thirty minute film.
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ESPN's Second with Slater

See what Slater has to say about what the judges are looking for, getting tubed at Lowers, the possibility of winning his tenth world title and more on ESPN.

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Surfer Magazine: Kelly Slater Wins Hurley Pro Final

Check out this article on the Surfer Magazine Blog on Slater's win at Trestles!

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Slater's Hurley Pro Win in LA Times

Check out this awesome article in the Los Angeles Times on Kelly Slater's Win at the Hurley Pro!

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Kelly Slater Wins Hurley Pro at Trestles and takes the Lead

Check out this awesome article about Kelly's epic win

Kelly Slater Defeats Bede Durbidge and Wins Hurley Pro has an awesome article and video of Kelly Slater as he defeats Aussie Bede Durbidge and wins the Hurley Pro at Trestles. 

Check it out here!

Slater One Step Closer to World Title!

Kelly Slater won the Hurley Pro at Trestles last weekend and is now one step closer to his tenth world title! Check out this article on the Surfer Mag blog about his epic win.

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Interview with Julian Wilson

Check out this sweet interview with Julian Wilson while he was in Sydney promoting his new film Scratching the Surface!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kelly Slater vs. Australian surfer Owen Wright

Australia's Owen Wright defeated Slater for the third time Saturday at Lower Trestles thanks to his lethal backhand attack. Watch a video with Kelly Slater giving his input on the talented young surfer here!

Kelly Slater and musical guest Dam Funk on the "The Daily Habit"

9-Time World Champ Kelly Slater and  Dam Funk will appear on the Daily Habit on September 20th. Check out what Kelly Slater has to say about his groundbreaking film "Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D". Click here!

Dane Reynolds Makes An Impression

Dane Reynolds had a great day at the Hurley Pro when his three moves accounted for the highest heat total of the event so far. Check out the details on his unbelievable tricks here!

Dane Reynolds and Jordy Smith may see eachother in the semifinals

If Dane Reynolds and Jordy Smith advance through the Quarters, the two will meet in Saturday's second semifinal in the Hurley Pro surf Contest. Click here to check it out!

Craig Anderson enjoys International Surf Day

On June 20th, surfers from around the world took part in the sixth annual Internation Surf Day. Check out these cool snapshots of Craig Anderson as he enjoys 24 hours of surf celebration!

Julian Wilson Does It Again

Surfing Magazine catches Julian Wilson redefining "going vertical," "surfing top to bottom," and "linking your turns" all in one manuever. Check it out below!

Snowboarder Magazine: The Buyer's Guide

Let Snowboarder Magazine be your guide and check out all the awesome Quiksilver outerwear!

Ry Craike Surfing

Ry Craike may be associated with all the best surfers in the world, but he proves himself to be a normal guy with a burning passion to simply surf. Its not about the stickers on his board or the latest apparel, all that really matters to Ry and his buddies is surfing. Catch him shredding some waves in the November Issue of  Surfing Magazine.

Wetsuit Guide 2010

Our Cypher DS 3/2, Ignite 3/2, and Cypher PS wetsuits were all featured in the November issue of Surfing Magazine. The Cypher is intended to keep the surfer's core warm when working in the coldest conditions. "Dane Reynolds doesn't always wear wetsuits, but when he does, he prefers Quiksilver."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Justin Brock Interview with ESPN

Take a look this awesome interview on ESPN with country boy and Quiksilver Skater, Justin Brock.

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Scratching the Surface UK Premiere

Check out this article on Julian Wilson's Scratching the Surface UK premiere which will take place October 7th at the Vue Cinema in Cardiff, Wales.

Dane Reynolds Gets Experimental

Dane Reynolds experimented with a smaller, fatter board at the Hurley Pro and made it to his first ASP final.  Check out the article on GrindTV here!

Dane Reynolds' "Seen and Unseen"

Dane Reynolds posted a series of photos from the past 9 or so months on his blog. Click here to check out the hour long compilation of clips that shows just how good of a surfer Dane is.

Kelly Slater at the Hurley Pro

Check out ESPN's article on Kelly Slater at the Hurley Pro. Click here to read more about the Hurley Pro and how Kelly did.