Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta de Lobos

Click here to view pictures of the Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta de Lobos! 

Craig Anderson Re-Signs with Quiksilver

Quiksilver extends its sponsorship of Australian Craig Anderson for another five years.

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Marcos Monteiro Wins Chilean Big Wave Comp

Marcos Monteiro Wins the top prize of $10,000 at the 2011 Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta De Lobos. 
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The Best Surf Watches in the World!

Quiksilver's "Deep X" was named our best surf watch for its ability to customize the tide for your local spot as well as wireless data transmission and detailed surf spot information. 

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Marcos Monteiro Wins 2011 Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta Lobos

Check out ESPN's video, article, and images of this awesome surf contest and the victory of Brazil's Marcos Monteiro.

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Quiksilver and Birdhouse Present Riley Hawk

"Quiksilver and Birdhouse joined forces to release a full part featuring the ripping seed of the Birdman, his son Riley Hawk."

Check out the video here!

Click here to see another video of Riley skating Quiksilver!

ISA World Junior Surfing Championship

For highlights, images, videos and more on the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, check out the links below!

To see the Quiksilver full article, click here

To see Transworld's full article, click here.
Or click here to read on article on surfer.

Kelly Slater and Crew Light Up Lowers

When a recent south swell hit the South Coast, Kelly Slater, Roy Powers, Ian Crane and Timmy Reyes were sure to hit up Lower Trestles.

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Pro Surfings Hottest Girls: Stephanie Gilmore

The two-time ASP World Champ has it all! Good looks, great attitude and a killer surf ability. At 21 years-old, Stephanie has accomplished things most people could only dream of. 

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Daphne's Announces Kelly Slater as Brand Ambassador

As Daphne's California Greek launches its brand redevelopment, it is taking on Kelly Slater as a partner and brand ambassador to promote a healthier lifestyle.

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NSSA Championships!

Check out the Quiksilver gear on some of our athletes in this picture from Nike 6.0's NSSA National Championships!

Quiksilver Surfers in the 2011 NSSA National Championships!

June 16 - July 3 will be Nike 6.0's 2011 NSSA National Championships - the largest national amateur surfing event in the country. Shown below are the profiles of five of our own surfers that will compete, including (in order) Derek Peters, John Mel, Jesse Guglielmana, Dylan Lehmann, and Noa Mizuno!

Interview with Fisher Heverly

Check out the interview with Fisher Heverly in Surfing Magazine where he tells all from who inspires him the most to his favorite Aussie slang!

Dane Reynolds Photo in Huntington Beach

Check out this photo of Dane Reynolds in Surfing Magazine!

Kelley Slater featured in Surfing Magazine

Nice picture captured of Kelly Slater in Surfing Magazine!

Salty Stripe Dress is a Board Bag Essential!

When listing the board bag essentials, of course the Spring 2011 line Salty Stripe Dress made the cut. Check it out here in July 2011 Foam magazine!

Quiksilver Women's Shorts in Foam Magazine!

Check out the Quiksilver Women's Khaki Echo Checks short shown hanging on the far left of the clothing line in the July 2011 edition of Foam. The passage talks about the new trend of bright and patterned boardshorts and rashguards -- making these Spring 2011 shorts fit right in!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta De Lobos

Brazilian Marcos Monteiro takes down international field at big-wave invitational in Chile. With the event called five days in advance, a rarity for big-wave contests, surfers were able to prepare for what was to come--great waves. Check it out on Surfline!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Big Wave World Tour Kicks Off

The Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta De Lobos began last weekend, May 28th in Chile where top riders were competing for a $20,000 prize. Quiksilver Ceremonial was named one of the most anticipated big wave events, featuring some of the best waves and skilled surfers from around the globe.

check out article here!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free Association with Fisher Heverly

Be sure to check out Surfer for a little Q&A with the North Carolinaian!

Mark Healey Giveaway

Tons of loot is being given away to the person who can, in 50 words or less, write why he or she deserves the prize which includes Quiksilver Cypher boardies, tees, hats, and even a surfboard! Check it out in Surfer!

Quiksilver Clasico Mazatlan Kicks Off 6/1

The Quiksilver Clasico Mazatlan represents the first of three Latin American events on the ASP North America Calendar for 2011, offering talent from emerging surf nations the opportunity to capitalize on the valuable points on offer towards their ASP World Ranking. Check it out here!

Check it out on Surfer too!

Quik Watch in Surfer Mag

The award-winning Moondak digital tide watch has 200 pre-programmed surf locations across the globe. Make sure to check it out!

Brain Farm: Behind the Scenes

Travis Rice and Curt Morgan, the masterminds behind "The Art of Flight" comment on just how their vision turned product, was like nothing anyone has ever seen. Check out what it's all about!

Will You Ever Quit Surfing?

Or are you a lifer? According to Raimana Van Bastolaer, 37, the thought doesn't even pop into his head. "I'm over the moon with my life. Surfing gave me everything I have now."

Fairy-Tale Stuff

Californian Rusty Long heads to the Irish coast to snag some insane waves, caused by Atlantic storms, that provide amazing scenery. With green waves breaking on a shallow reef, stopped by magnificent cliffs and double rainbows overhead, it's no wonder one would fly across the world to experience.

The Things We Do...

Brendon Thomas, Editor of Surfer Magazine, describes an uncomfortable night of dancing out in Brazil with Dane Reynods and Julian Wilson. Check out the blurb in this month's issue of Surfer!

Quiksilver Limited Collection

Check out a little blurb on the collection on the Empire Ave website! The site seems to love what Quiksilver has done saying each piece "feels amazingly soft to touch and wear." Nice!

Hawaii and USA teams top at ISA World Juniors

With two days to go, things are looking favorable for Hawaii and USA but anything can happen. The waves in Peru are continuing to come through with glossy faces between 3 to 6 feet, giving the surfers ideal conditions. Check it out here!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mark Healey feature in Surfer Magazine!

Surfer Magazine featured a 6-page article on Mark Healey: The Last Action Hero, in their June 2011 issue asking, "60-foot surf. 20-foot sharks. Is there anything Mark Healey won't ride?" including an in-depth interview. 
Pick up the June 2011 issue of Surfer Magazine today and check it out for yourself! 

ISA World Junior Surfing Championships: Day 3

Make sure to check out the highlights from Day 3 of the surfing championship! Perfect waves and weather in Punta Hermosa makes for ideal conditions for any surf day. Click here!

Custom Boardies on the LA Times Blog!

Check out the story on the LA Times Blog about our very own Custom Boardies!

Click here.

XPlosive Boardshorts the Future of Competitive Surfing

Check out the front page of the Manly Daily newspaper which features an article on the new Quiksilver XPlosive boardshorts- the world’s first compression taped boardshort designed to enhance surfing performance.

Check out the online article here!