Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ESPN coverage of Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

ESPN recap of days 1-4 of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. Check out the full article here!

Jamie Mitchell Wins Gold at the SUP and Paddleboard Championship!

Check out the article from Transworld Business Featuring Jamie Mitchell and his winning team at SUP! Click on the picture to read more of the article!

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Featured in Transworld Surf Online...

Check out Transworld Surf Online and their article featuring the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast!!!

Watch the video and read the whole article here: 2012 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Day 3 Highlights

Kelly Slater in Los Angeles Times Online!

The Los Angeles Times featured a photo of Kelly competing at Quik Pro Gold Coast in their "Picture in the News" section. Check it all out here!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ESPN and BNQT Talk About Travis Rice Making a Superfan's Wish Come True!

ESPN and BNQT both featured stories on how Travis Rice and Make-A-Wish came together to make 18-year-old Casey James's wish come true: to shred with Rice himself! Casey has been battling renal disease since birth. Read more on ESPN here! Check out BNQT's story here too!

Surfline Covers Quik Pro Gold Coast Day Two!

Surfline had another in-depth interactive feature of the Quik Pro Gold Coast for day two! Check out what's happening at Snapper here!

Stab Mag Shows Highlights of the Quik Pro Gold Coast Day Two!

Stab Magazine posted pics and talked about the Quik Pro Gold Coast Day Two highlights! See all of it here!

Transworld Surf Talks Quik Pro Gold Coast Day Two!

Transworld Surf posted a video and pic highlights of day two at the Quik Pro Gold Coast! Check it out here!

Surfline Recaps Day One of the Quik Pro Gold Coast with Pics and Videos of Quiksilver Athletes!

Surfline featured a slideshow of pics, text and video that recapped the first day of the long-awaited Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds and Steph Gilmore were among the Quik athletes showcased on the feature! Check out all of it here!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Surfline's ASP World Tour Preview Features Quik Athletes Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, and the Quik Pro Gold Coast!

Surfline's in-depth preview of the coming ASP World Tour featured the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast kicking off this year's tour! They also write about how all eyes are on Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds and Steph Gilmore! Read about it and see their awesome pics here!

USA Today Wrote an Article About Kelly Slater's Start of the ASP Tour!

USA Today wrote about Kelly Slater starting the ASP World Tour at the Quik Pro Gold Coast on Saturday! Read more here!

Transworld Surf Shows a Video of Mark Healey Talking About 9' Gary Linden-shaped Quad!

Transworld Surf showed a video on their site of big wave man Mark Healey talking about his giant cloudbreak and 9'0" quad! Watch it here!

GrindTV Talks Ipod Making History at the World Snowboarding Championships!

GrindTV posted an article about Iouri Podladtchikov taking the World Snowboarding Championships Superpipe title this year! Read it here!

Transworld Surf Shared an Event Preview of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast!

Transworld Surf Shared an event preview of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast with a video and pics too! The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast kicks off the ASP World Tour 2012 on the Gold Coast of Australia! Check it all out here

Transworld Surf posted a Video Showing Dane Reynolds versus Tom Curren at the Rincon Classic!

Transworld Surf posted a video of Dane Reynolds and Tom Curren duking it out at the Rincon Classic before Reynolds took the championship title! Watch it below and check out Transworld's coverage here!

Transworld Surf Features an Article on Kelly Slater Readying for the Quik Pro Gold Coast!

Transworld Surf Features an article on Kelly Slater getting ready for the Quik Pro Gold Coast and his plans for the rest of the year! Read all about it here!

ESPN Writes About Ipod Winning the World Snowboarding Championships!

ESPN wrote about Iouri "Ipod" Padladtchikov winning the World Snowboarding Championships! Read more and see pics here! Talks Quiksilver's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special Edition Surfboards!

BNQT featured an article about Sports Illustrated's top models posing with Quiksilver boards with their images on them! Read the whole article here! Shows Jamie Mitchell Renewing with Quiksilver! covered Jamie Mitchell renewing with the Quiksilver Waterman Collection for three more years! Read the press release they published on their site here!

Transworld Surf Takes a Look into the Life of Mark Healey with a Video!

Transworld Surf's "Show and Tell" video caught a glimpse into the adventures of Mark Healey! Watch it here!

Yahoo Sports Shows Pics of Iouri's Huge World Snowboarding Championships Win!

Yahoo Sports posted exclusive pics of Iouri Podladtchikov's World Snowboarding Championship win! Look at them here!

Transworld Snowboarding is All About Iouri "Ipod" Podladtchikov Winning the World Snowboarding Championships!

Transworld Snowboarding published an article about Ipod Podladtchikov winning the 2012 World Snowboarding Championships Superpipe at Oslo Winterpark! Check out Transworld's article here and another recap and awesome pics of the Championships here! Be sure to check out the video of Ipod's winning run below too!

Surfline Covers Dane Reynolds Winning the Rincon Classic!

Dane Reynolds triumphed over 270 competitors in the 2012 Quiksilver Rincon Classic last weekend, taking the title and marking his first professional victory in ten years! Read all about it here!

Quiksilver and Surfline Come Together to Present an Awesome Pic Collection Called F-Stop!

F-Stop is a showcase of Surfline's finest photos presented in collaboration with Quiksilver! Be sure to check out the pics on Surfline here and look at them below!